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Terrain wall

Procedure for building a retaining wall from "Oppdal Gneiss 20 cm deep Natur".

A terrain wall can decorate a sloping garden, or be a practical separation between different levels. You can decorate even more by planting behind the stone wall. Such walls are also excellent for decorating your flowerbeds. A 20 cm depth Nature is suited for walls up to 80 cm.

Large terrain walls require large stones, and this is best left to experts. Smaller walls, on the other hand, you can build yourself. You will be amazed how quickly you can dry stable a decorative and practical wall in your garden. Such walls are maintenance free, and they don’t break from frost heave.

Before you start stabling you need to do some preparations. The most important groundwork is draining the area under and behind the wall. This is done by excavate a 20 - 30 cm deep ditch that slopes in the direction you want the water to go. Before you start stabling the stone, you need to fill the ditch with 15-20 mm single.

You are now ready to start stabling. Remember to stable with a gradient of 20% against the terrain. If you want your wall to be 100 cm, you mark 20 cm in the terrain. This is where your wall should end up. It is important with single behind the stones for draining. There should be a minimum of 10 cm single behind the entire wall. If you have a place nearby that often suffers from frost heave, you may consider isolating the wall.

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